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Returning space to the people to make Stanmore a Place again

Opening the Stanmore commons to make space for people, businesses, and cooling greenery.

Proposed changes overlaid on aerial photography

The Sydney Metro Sydenham to Bankstown conversion will see a train stopping at Stanmore:

  • every 3 minutes in peak-hours,
  • every 8 minutes off-peak,
  • currently waiting time is at least 15 minutes.

A protected cycleway will soon be installed on Gordon Crescent and Railway Avenue connecting Petersham to the universities, CBD, and beyond.

The inner-west cycleway network overlaid on an aerial photograph
– Stanmore Station is circled in purple.

These changes will make Stanmore an accessible location for the western corridor.

These changes transform the 1950’s car-centric design focused on through-traffic, into an attractive human-centric commons:

  • An accessible exit at the eastern end of Stanmore station. This crossing will be open to the public to create both an accessible and cycle-friendly path across the railway.
  • Multiple exits from the train station will create porous infrastructure, increase station catchment, and thus increase patronage.
  • An increased in space for outdoor seating of over 1,500 m2 with increased car parking.
  • Replacing asphalt and concrete with grass and trees to reduce the severe urban heat-island.
  • A safe 30 km/h speed limit will decrease noise pollution, increase pedestrian safety, increase attractiveness, and achieve Vision Zero.
    • These lower speeds allow noisy speed bumps to be removed.
  • Chicanes on Trafalgar St will increase visibility and slow traffic crossing the station’s exits.
  • Closing Halt St will prevent traffic from turning across the station’s southern exit and protect pedestrians exiting the station. It will also discourage traffic around the Primary Schools.
  • Increased passive surveillance and human-scale lighting design will increase safety for women using the station.

From my submission to the Sydney Public Space Ideas Competition