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Sydneysiders are working from home more, but the shift is linked to where you live, data reveals

‘Sydneysiders are transitioning to a digital working-from-home future, but movement data has revealed the scale of this shift is linked to where you live.’ Hanrahan, Nguyen (2020-08-27)

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Mathew Hounsell, a transport researcher at the University of Technology Sydney, said the data showed that people in professional jobs who could work from home during the lockdown were continuing to do so.

“This is starting a change that has happened in other places and industries, towards a more distributed digital team. What we’re seeing is essentially a behavioural change that we would expect to continue,” he said.

Hanrahan, Nguyen (2020-08-27)

Mr Hounsell said travel in Western Sydney was higher because of higher proportions of people like Mr Motuliki, who work in industries and jobs that are onsite.

The data showed that traffic volumes are also down across the board, showing that public transport commuters have not moved to the roads, he said.

“What we’re learning is that the competitor to the car is not the train, it’s the internet,” he said. “That’s what we’re seeing now, the transition between the mobile digital economy that is coming about, instead of the mobile petrol economy.”

Hanrahan, Nguyen (2020-08-27)

Citation: Hanrahan, Nguyen (2020-08-27)

Catherine Hanrahan and Kevin Nguyen. 2020-08-27, “Sydneysiders are working from home more, but the shift is linked to where you live, data reveals” Australian Broadcasting Corporation,