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‘It could take years’: Slow recovery predicted for public transport

Rabe, Gladstone(2020-07-16) opened with ‘Public transport users in Sydney are slowly returning with a surge of 10 million commuters in June but experts warn it may take years before passenger numbers go back to pre-coronavirus levels.’

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“I don’t think things will ever return to quite what they were,” University of Technology transport expert Mathew Hounsell said.

“There has been a significant behavioural change among the professionals in the CBD, as a lot of people realised they can work from home.”

He added that more people would choose to walk, cycle or drive to work in coming months amid fear of community transmission of COVID-19 on public transport.

Rabe, Gladstone(2020-07-16)

Citation: Rabe, Gladstone(2020-07-16)

Tom Rabe and Nigel Gladstone. 2020-07-16, “’It could take years’: Slow recovery predicted for public transport”, Fairfax Media LtdNine Entertainment Co.