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That is a very reasonable question considering my blog consists of one post and Media Release.

Basically, I am co-convenor of Ecotransit Sydney and NoWestconnex; this does not leave a lot of time for blogging. I’m also the webmin for both stylish websites: Ecotransit, NoWestconnex.

So, posting my media releases is a way of keeping them public and indexable; while giving my blog some content. Win, Win!

There is a constant stream of tweets overĀ @MathewHounsell.

North Western commuters will be slugged Opal transfer fee, but Eastern Suburbs commuters wont be.

It has been revealed that passengers travelling in the Eastern Suburbs will not pay the Opal transfer penalty when changing from their truncated bus routes to the new CBD & South East Light Rail.

However passengers in the North Western Suburbs will pay the Opal transfer penalty when the Government cuts bus routes to force passengers on to the new privately operated single deck North West Rail Link.

“In every other modern city that has introduced smart-card ticketing they have taken the opportunity to integrate fares and remove the transfer penalty. However the NSW Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian has shown that the government intends to use the Opal card to silently increase fares.” said Mathew Hounsell the co-convenor of Ecotransit Sydney.

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