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Media Release 2013-05-09 – Opal

Media Release 2013-05-09

Ecotransit is a member based, not-for-profit public and active transport community advocacy group.

“An integrated, consistent and reasonably priced ticketing system has already proved a winner for public transport users and reducing Sydney’s traffic problems. In the year after the Government removed Westpac’s gate fee on Green Square Station, the patronage doubled by over 1,600 people a day. “ Mathew Hounsell Co-Convenor of Ecotransit said.

“The Inner West Light Rail had a jump in passengers when the Government allowed them to use MyMulti weekly tickets. Ecotransit expects the integrated ticketing to make the Inner West Light Rail very popular once the new Leichardt and Haberfield stops are open to the public.”

“It is a shame that the government and bureaucracy have continued to pursue a bespoke, overpriced, outdated payment processing system creating another government mandated monopoly. Other cities have already rolled out next generation systems using contact less credit cards and near field communication from mobile phones.”

“While the type of payment technology determines the overall cost to tax payers, it alone can not make a good ticketing system; although it can make a bad one. “

“The pricing structure will determine if the new ticketing system is a win for citizens or another NSW multi million dollar missed opportunity. If the pricing structure is too expensive or inconsistent or full of exceptions, it will be another failure.”

“Currently the $2.50 Sunday unlimited ticket is very popular, and Ecotransit welcomes the proposal for it being made available to all passengers; even adults who aren’t being supervised by children.”

“Since price is a significant consideration in choosing transport mode, the proposed for free travel after eight trips would encouraging weekend public transport use and reducing Saturday’s dreadful traffic. Yhat will only work i NSW reverses the 2005 massive reduction in weekend public transport which caused a drop in patronage and a jump in traffic.”

“This week has seen a worrying development. The Minister for Transport broke the clear and
consistent rules for multi mode weekly tickets to deliberately increase the costs to Manly Ferry customers. The MyZone uniform pricing structure removed the mess of exceptions used by operators to increase revenue. If this minister is returning to arbitrary exceptions to boost revenues from safe seats, then its is a return to the dark days of the previous government. ” Mathew Hounsell said.